Customer Testimonials

“Will Spiegelberg is a true artist when it comes to the landscapes he designs. His expertise and artistry proved a winning combination for what I was looking for in a landscape designer.”

Anna Fermin

“Spiegelberg Landscape Design are true professionals. They helped us transform an unusable backyard into a great entertaining space we’ll enjoy for years. They don’t cut corners, use quality plants and materials and all the staff works very hard to achieve a great final product.

Will is a great listener, very honest, and is also very knowledgeable. He knows when to make a great recommendation, but also provided us with books and photos to help us decide on the types of materials and plants available. His staff is very courteous, trustworthy, and attentive. Without hesitation, I would recommend SLD for any landscaping project.”

Geoffrey Mark

“We have had SLD, design, plant, and care for the gardens at two of our homes.  We have found Spiegelberg Landscape Design a rare find. Will Spiegelberg, owner-designer, listens to what plant material the owner likes and incorporates the choices faithfully.  It is rare that the ideas of the owner of the garden is so carefully taken into account.

Will is on the job as owner-designer from start to finish. In our other experiences outside SLD we met with the designer once then never saw the designer again. This is rare to have the artist on site the whole time.

SLD takes into account the garden’s needs.  SLD has returned to treat for potential diseases and to prevent wildlife from destroying the beds.  We have felt truly partnered in enjoying the beauty of the garden.  Again, rare and truly a treat.

SLD will take the same care and thought on a small bed or a whole property pulling in specialists as needed and then holding the outside contractors to the quality SLD demands.  Rare and reliable. Will’s staff are capable, respectable, and hard working.  Their schedule was honorably kept and the jobs finished well and in a timely fashion.  It is a joy to partner with a group like SLD who love the garden as much as we do.”

Chris McQueen

“I first met Will a few years back. He designed a wonderful shade garden for my two-flat in the city. We talked about many ideas and then lo and behold here came the garden that I was actually envisioning however, he was able to bring it to life.

When I moved to the Bloomingdale, my husband and I purchased a house and oh how I missed the city life and my garden. So once again, I found myself calling Will and telling him that I had a landscaping emergency and would he PLEASE come to the Burbs and help. What was great was that Will remembered how much I love color and fun, different plants and what peace and joy a santuary of plants, trees, etc can bring to people.

Will came to the burbs, redesigned the entire look of the yard and began the labor of love to bring my dream santuary to life. We now have a sunken hottub, a firepit, a splendid array of plantlife. We told Will that we wanted butterflies, hummingbirds, cardinals, etc. to call our backyear home and Will delivered just that. Mike and I were sitting at the table in the backyard admiring the yard when all of a sudden Mike was unmoving yet stammering “Hummingbird, hummigbird!!” There they were. Friends have come and sat in our backyard after admiring the front yard and find peace after a stressful day and break out in smiles when they see our little hummingbirds, butterflies and others coming to visit us.

Everyday there is something new and with each day, I can’t wait for next spring to witness the rebirth of our garden. Will is truly an exceptional, honest, and creative person and if we move again, I know who we will call once again to bring our visions to life.”

Marty Schulkins

“Meeting Will Spiegelberg last summer has to be one of the “close encounters of the best kind”. My husband met Will at a job site while laying a brick walk for someone in our neighborhood. He was interested in having the same work done at our home, so he stopped and asked Will some questions. Will answered my husband’s questions regarding the brick walk and informed him that his expertise was also landscape design. My husband metioned to Will that a garden was something that I was interested in, so he scheduled an appointment with Will to come to our home to take a look at our concrete walks and backyard.

There was an immediate connection, my wife and Will clicked. His excitement and passion for gardening was contagious. He asked us server questions, such as: Did we want a formal or informal garden? What types of flowers did we like? What colors did we like? Did we want to incorporate movement and sound in the garden, such as a pond?, etc. From our input, and his creative ideas and expertise, Will produced three plans for our garden. We chose the one we liked the most and it has been non-stop fun ever since. Our garden consists of approximately 41 different types of beautiful flowers and shrubs and a 20′x10′ glorious pond, that we just finished stocking with water lilies and fish.

Will loves gardening. This is quite evident from the first time that you meet him. Will’s professionalism, expertise, flexibility, calm demeanor, creativity and work ethic is something to truly admire. He has never missed an appointment or made a commitment that he did not keep. He takes pride in his work and joy in seeing his creations come to life. He is as thrilled as we are now, when he stops by to check on the progress of our garden. He radiates when he sees how big and healthy the flowers are getting or to see them forming new buds. Our new garden has truly become a haven of pleasure for us. Thanks to Will’s introduction to this extraordinary pasttime, gardening will bring us joy for years to come.

Thank you!”

Louis and Opal Walls

“Will Spiegelberg has worked for me for over 19 years. As a Wheaton College student, he worked with me on weekends and weekday as his schedule would permit, and as a graduate student at Trinity Seminary.

The quality of his work has always been the highest and he has continued this into his present occupation. Will has shown me that persistence and integrity are his hallmarks. My home and gardens on 12 acres have been under his care and he has been very creative in counseling me about the trees, bushes, planting, and landscaping. I have only the highest regard for his professionalism.”

E.F. Morgan