Education and Training


Continuous Learning Staff benchmarks a Japanese garden structure at the Chicago Botanic Garden.


Goal Setting Staff meetings ensure continuous improvement and facilitate goal setting.


Will Spiegelberg with John Brookes, World-Renowned Garden Designer.

We believe that an educated and knowledgeable staff yields higher quality and a more efficient work process for our clients. Our work mantra—know where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Continuing education and weekly company meetings at Spiegelberg Landscape Design include training in:

  • Proper pruning procedure
  • Planting procedures
  • Proper plant placement
  • Power Equipment
  • STARS safety program through PLANET
  • Safety
  • Respecting the customer and their property

Coursework, Workshops, Symposiums
and Conferences

Following is a list of training courses SLD management has attended:

  • The Kinman Institute: Focus on Professionalism
  • The Kinman Institute: Symposium at Sea.  Featuring John Brookes
  • Mike Lin Graphics Workshop
    (Rendering and Designing, 12-day intensive)
  • Pruning for Landscape Professionals
  • Holiday Lights
  • Soils: Where are your roots?
  • Selecting and Using Hardscape Materials
  • Garden Design: Planting Bed Composition
  • Espalier Basics
  • Natural Plantings and the Illusion of Nature
  • Woody Plants for Midwest Landscapes
  • Trends in Residential Landscape Design
  • Residential Landscape Design: Imaginative Ideas
  • Staying on Track: Maintaining Design Integrity
  • Landscape Lighting Symposium
  • Perennial Plants as Architectural Elements
  • Marketing in the Green Industry
  • Landscape Photography with Linda Oyama Bryan
  • Government Policy and Perspectives on Invasive Plants
  • Invasive Plants and their impact
  • Creating Private Spaces (Horticulture Magazine)
  • Design for Professionals
  • Rapid Design Process
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Gardening in a Pot
  • Gardens of the Midwest: A Landscape Legacy
  • Color in the Landscape
  • Running a Smart Business
  • Coaching Employees to Greater Success
  • Teaching How to Teach Service
  • Groundcovers: Living Carpets in the Landscape
  • Hardscapes
  • Designing with Perennials (Horticulture Magazine)
  • GardenDesign (Gary Koller, Harvard University)
  • Landscape Graphics
  • Growing and Maintaining a Business
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Green Industry
  • Great Ideas, Great Estates
  • The New Oasis Garden: Making Havens that Nurture the Senses (Horticulture Magazine)
  • Paths and Paving in the Garden
  • Perennials for Shade
  • Pruning for Professionals
  • Reshaping Your Garden
  • Road Safety
  • Stone in the Garden
  • Stream Restoration
  • Foliage in the Garden
  • A Wildflower Workshop
  • Gardening in the Shade
  • 20 Minutes in the Life of a Tree
  • How to Build Your Dream Workforce
  • How to Garden with Light and Color
  • The Practice of Gardening
  • GardenDesign Basics: Unity and Harmony
  • Designing for Small Spaces
  • Of Time and Place: Designing Gardens for the 21st Century
  • America’s Gardens: Reflecting and Enhancing the Value of Life
  • Colonial Garden Design
  • Alain Gavin Studio: Small Workshops in Watercolor, Oil Painting and Drawing (Faculty from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago)